Sunday, October 2, 2011

Visual Language - Witches Call

What I learnt: To draw a witch
What I did well: I did a good witch by my standards


My next step: To get better at drawing

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Interview Sheet

  • My best piece of work is:my goal
  • My biggest achievements:getting to stage 7
  •  I know this because:i have worked hard to do it
  • My goal for this term is to:get to level 3
  • I am practicing for my goal:being indepentdent
  • I would like to  tell you this about our big market day: we mad a lot  
  • My biggest challenge has been vis lang  One thing I have most enjoyed learning about is: converting factions to decamal
  • I would like some help with vis lang
Finally, can you please look at my ePortfolio frequently.  I’d like you to make comments about my learning.


I was an actor in all of them I was a good actor but I needed to talk better and I need to learn how to fall