Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My P.I


  1. Great P.I Aidie, I loved the part were people got to have a turn at your awesome games! Mabye next time we could have a try. Our fav part was the steps. Good Work!

  2. good job aidie you did well because you made your games intresting and fun to play but next time you could speak a little clearer and louder but apart from that good job.


  3. Great topic for PI Aidie.We liked your presentation.

    Maybe speak a bit clearer next time

    Jaime and Rebecca

  4. Geat PI Aidie!
    We could hear you clearly and that's quite cool how you can make games on that website. Next time we think you should give us a bit more time to read the pages.
    -Hannah :)
    -Annaliese :)

  5. we liked the ghost bomb game and we liked your presentation with the games.
    Maybe you could have tested it on tc's laptop.
    From Sam Josh and Cam

  6. what you need to do next time:maybe next time you could speech a bit louder.
    what you did well: You let people try your games and you spoke clear

    Linda and Alana

  7. I love your topic, Aidie, because you did something you love. You need to work on speaking more clearly and to the audience, rather than turning and looking at your notes behind you. The kids obviously really enjoyed your games and you've got them interested in having a go themselves. Good job, Aidie.

  8. nice PI.Next time try to read the stuff thats on it.Matthew loved it
    From luke ty and Matthew

  9. We really liked your P.I because you let people go on the games and they were very interesting.
    We lernt how to use gamemaker.

    From Cam & Chaz

  10. I likeed your PI Aidie but longer next time